More than 25 years developing markets

We are a commercial company

Pioneers in Spain and Portugal

Who we are

Policomplex is a company dedicated to the introduction and distribution of resins, compounds and thermoplastic elastomers.

What we do

We commercialise thermoplastic resins and their compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and additives. We advise on both a technical and commercial level in order to recommend the most suitable product to our customers.

Continuous improvement is one of our objectives at Policomplex. This focus ensures that our clients receive high quality technical and commercial support.

We share our experience with our suppliers, to develop new and emerging markets.

We have our own warehouses, allowing us to react quickly to our clients’ demands.

Quality Certified: ISO 9001:2015

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

How we help our clients

We have a wide range of standard products that satisfy the majority of market requirements.

We offer tailor-made compounds for non-standard requirements.

Our Technical Department studies customers’ needs on an individual basis, ensuring a satisfactory solution.

We advise from part and mould design through to industrialisation.

We offer competitive prices, flexible lot sizes and short lead times.

Our clients have at their disposal the services offered by our partners:

  • technical advice
  • international market awareness
  • R+D laboratory tests etc.

    The quality policy established by the framework for the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the system is as follows:

    1. Ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are determined, to transform them into requirements and, through compliance, achieve their satisfaction.

    2. Create and maintain the awareness of all POLICOMPLEX staff, about the importance of complying with the client's requirements, legal and regulatory.

    3. Periodically establish quality objectives and define the necessary indicators for their measurement and monitoring.

    4. Identify, understand and systematically manage all the processes necessary to achieve the planned objectives and meet the requirements of customers, legal and regulatory.

    5. Allocate the human resources and technical means necessary at all times, to implement and improve processes and to achieve the objectives.

    6. Create a climate favourable to the promotion of quality, which allows to enhance the participation of all staff in the achievement of the objectives of the organization and in continuous improvement.

    7. Provide all personnel with the necessary training both to improve skills in their workplace, and to gain greater knowledge of the quality management system.

    8. Respond to all dissatisfactions made by customers in the form of claims and track their satisfaction, to guide the objectives and goals of the organization towards the client.

    9. Systematically collect and analyze the necessary data (customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, results of audits, non-conforming products, claims, supplier evaluation, etc.) to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system and thus apply appropriate actions to achieve continuous improvement.

    10. Enhance collaboration with suppliers to increase responsiveness to customers and optimize costs and resources.

    The POLICOMPLEX Management assumes the commitment to update, explain and disseminate this quality policy, and monitor its compliance throughout the company and, where appropriate, its suppliers and its customers.

    General Manager Policomplex S.L.


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